Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Things You Never Thought You’d Need at a Summer Festival

I’m all about giving others tips for festivals if it means that they can learn what’s best for them and pass on the advice to future festival goers. I’m not selfish enough to think that I want the best for me and only me, and that’s generally how all festival attendees seem to be. Everyone radiates great vibes and positivity, so I feel it’s only in my nature to pass on good tips and tricks for newbies out there.

So, rather than tell you what’s absolutely essential or what you can’t bring, I’m into letting you know some of the things that you’ll wish you had brought but don’t necessarily need. These items, like common packaging supplies, are just handy, very convenient, and super interesting in general.

Rain boots.
It looks stupid in a fashion sense, but really, what festival outfits aren’t weird and wild? Rain boots will be your best friend if it happens to begin raining, especially at festivals where large patches of mud are inevitable with a little bit of precipitation. These are especially useful for not coming off your feet after every step. While some people think sandals will be fine and they can get around just fine in them, they’ll detach at every possible step in the mud and become quite slippery to walk in, which could mean you are at risk for hurting an ankle.

False sunscreen bottles.
Admittedly, this wasn’t my idea though I’d love to claim it as if it were. We actually saw a group of guys last year inside the festival passing around a bottle of sunscreen and drinking from it. After a few seconds I realized they were drinking liquor and I began to laugh. They told us that they had gotten them online for practically nothing, and lo and behold, we’ve done the same thing for this year’s trip down to Tennessee. The best part is that they come with seals to put on the sunscreen’s opening so that they look legit, closed, and no one can open them to smell the alcohol within.

Clamps and woodclips.
Packaging supplies like clamps and even twine are extremely useful at festivals when camping simply because there’s so much DIY to be done that you’ll need basic items like these. I like woodclips the most for hanging my tapestries to my canopies to allow for a sense of privacy and also shade from the sun.

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